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The history of a study concept for drummers

In addition to performing, Juan has been teaching for over 35 years. He started teaching when he was 19 years old. In 1992 he started his private drum school. In 1998 he began to teach at clinics and workshops in the Netherlands. 

From 1999 till 2012 he was teaching at the Conservatorium at Rotterdam"Codarts" where he worked with talented students from all over Europe. In that period of time he started to write a concept for drummers how to achieve better results in studying. 

Juan always believed that using video as a medium would be the way to reach out to drummers all over the world. 

He searched for a connection in the world of video and found a connection with video company EmpaTV.  Together they invested in working on a drum tuition video on DVD titled: “Drumming Secrets Revealed”  

This double DVD package sold in more than 32 countries all over the world in 2003! According to the world of drum teaching back then it was one of the best concepts produced. 

Percussive Notes (The journal of Percussive Arts Society USA) wrote in February 2004: “Although there’s no substitute for a private teacher, this DVD could take the drummer a long way down the path of playing drums”

Slagwerkkrant (Dutch drum magazine) wrote April 2004: “Tons of useful exercises are available on this DVD. You can choose any subject you prefer to study in the 260 minutes (!) lasting video instructions”.

This year, 17 years later, Juan thought that this is the right moment to revise the whole concept and update all the material. He is happy to mention that a complete drum course (book and online video instructions) are here for you to enjoy.

Juan: “I am so thrilled to finally share my Drumming Secrets and Reveal them to all drum enthusiasts who have a wish to improve their way of studying!”


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