It is TIME to upgrade your playing!

You know how to play drums in a band and you have had your drum lessons. But secretly you feel there is still something missing.....

Then this the RIGHT moment to find out what your next steps should be! 

Learn about the drumming program for you


Do you recognize this? You are playing in a band and at the rehearsal all goes well... But once you are on stage to perform suddenly you get nervous; you are playing a bit too rushed and you play the same fills over and over again.....

Drum Clinics

You are following masterclasses, clinics and workshops of the BEST drummers of the planet and you are gathering all the information..... But you don't know how to process all the material; as a result there is still no progress in your playing....

Lost drummer

You definitely want to become a better drummer and sit behind your drum set every day.... But you don't see or hear any results at all; you are doubting if you got enough talent....

Meet your coach

Juan van Emmerloot, professional drummer and coach will help you to achieve your goals.

During his 40 years of being a professional live- and studio drummer (Snowy White, Steve Lukather, Stef Burns, Walter Trout, Ayreon) Juan has taught talented drummers to become successful in their professional careers. Based on this experience he designed an online study concept that is offering structure in your study path.



The concept

You will get up-to-date video information and clear explanation on what - and how to practice. Juan will also accompany you by playing along with every exercise!


Your lessons, specially for you!

Still in doubt? Why don’t you try and experience it for free. Yes, it won’t cost you any money for the first 30 days. Pick up your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Plug in your headset, hit that button and let's get started working on YOUR progress now!


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